roof trusses better than rafters

There is no doubt that trusses have become the main stream method for constructing the roof of most homes. They are quickly assembled, and they save time and cost in labor and lumber, making them ideal for rapid home construction. The reality is, they are better for most applications as well. They are sturdy, and barring any damage during the construction process, they are reliable. Roof Rafters (stick framing) can be used for custom applications where more open roofing is desired, or the homeowner has some special vaulted ceiling that they are hoping for that the design of roof trusses cannot accommodate. Finding someone who can do these special roof rafters can be difficult, as there are fewer that know the art, and those that do are probably much more expensive because they are a dying breed. For most people, roof trusses are the way to go.

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Are Roof Trusses Better Than Roof Rafters (Stick Framing)?

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