roof leak indoors

A leaky roof can cause major headache and significant property damage and should be addressed immediately before further devalues the property. The first step addressing the leak from the inside - place a bucket or rigged hose-funnel system underneath the leak. Search elsewhere in the house for any unusual sag in the ceiling. Be prepared for gallons of water to be released when puncturing sagging ceiling areas; delaying longer than necessary will only cause further damage. Next, search in the attic with flashlight for the source of the leak - often times the leak is further up on a sloped roof than it would appear from the inside of the home, look for any leaking pipes, as well as any exterior cause. Finally, search the roof from afar with binoculars if possible to identify the culprit. Common causes are missing shingles on a sloped roof, pooling water on a flat roof, a fallen tree limb, or any debris damming up the regular flow of water either on the roof itself or the drainage system.

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How to handle a roof leak, indoors and out

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