how to pressure wash your house

Oftentimes people fear causing permanent damage on the exterior of their house if they were to clean it. Laura Gaskill gives tips on how to properly clean the exterior of your house with hoses and pressure washers, without causing damage to the paint. Some advice that she gives that really stands out is knowing which device can be used on which material. For example, if your homes exterior features vinyl or wood, pressure washers are a good fit. Pressure washers should also only be used if they're is a great deal of dirt and/or grime to be cleaned. For simpler jobs, a garden hose is more fit. You should also research whether or not it is safe to use soap and which washer nozzle is appropriate for the job you have had hand. These are some great tips on how to make the outside of your home look just as clean and sparkly as the inside of your home, especially with summer approaching if you have a lot of guests.

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