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Benefits of a Metal Roof

  • Longer Life - A metal Roof should last as long as your house. Metal is resistant to fire, mildew, insects and rot.
  • Weight - Compared to other materials, a metal roof is much lighter. It runs from 50 to 150 pounds per square.
  • Fire Resistance - A metal roof is noncombustible, protecting your home from outside fire damage.
  • Heat Conduction - Metal reflects radiant heat from the sun, minimizing midday heat gain. Thus you benefit from energy savings.
  • Maximum Shedding of Rain and Snow - Metal roofs quickly shed the elements, such as rain and snow.

Facts About Metal Roofing

Metal roofing’s lasting durability, long-term cost savings, and enduring good looks are certainly great reasons to consider a metal roof for your Seattle home. Here’s another reason many don’t consider: a metal roof helps conserve and protect our environment.

It’s true — with metal roofing, you’ll put less demand on our natural resources by filling up less landfill space. In many cases, a new metal roof can be installed over your existing roof. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, asphalt shingle tear-off accounts for an extra twenty billion pounds in U.S. landfills every year, at a cost of $400 million per year. Installing a metal roof helps reduce this incredible waste.

Not only that, metal roofing is a valuable renewable resource, too. Metal roofs are often made with up to 50% of recycled material. A durable metal roof frequently outlasts the home it protects, but at the end of its life, the whole roof can be recycled again.

Metal roofing’s excellent energy efficiency is environmentally responsible — and it can save you up to 23% on your cooling costs. A recent study found that metal roofing reflects the sun’s radiation better than most other roofing materials. When your attic stays cooler, your cooling bills go down. Reducing your energy usage also helps reduce smog and pollution.

High-performance Metal Roofing fulfills the need for durable protection, while working in concert with the forces of nature. Metal Roofing’s resistance to adverse weather and climatic conditions is legendary, their success due to a combination of innovative design and the development of corrosion-resistant coatings. No roof lasts longer, requires less maintenance, and offers such exceptional design flexibility. Metal Roofing can now be seen on virtually every type of building, from shopping centers to schools, churches to libraries, skyscrapers to homes. Metal Roof systems are quickly becoming the preferred roofing system because they are:

Cost Effective Metal Roofs pay for themselves from the day they are installed. Life expectancy is longer, less maintenance is required and life cycle costs are lower than for any other type of roof. A Metal Roof installation will increase your Seattle home’s value.

TIME TESTED: Metal is one of man’s oldest and most durable building materials and Metal Roofs continue to stand the test of time. Valued for centuries for their timeless beauty and durability, a metal roof should last as long as the building it covers. The panels resist corrosion with the help of a zinc and/or aluminum coating. If done in COPPER it will last indefinitely–in Europe COPPER roofs nearly a thousand years old are still in service.

Low Maintenance: Metal Roofing will not rot, crack, split, warp, creep, curl, chip, or erode. It resists thermal shock, decay, discoloration and mildew. Unlike other roofs, which require frequent maintenance, the Standing Seam Metal Roof will offer many years of trouble-free performance with little or no additional time or expense. Say good-bye to peeling and tattered asphalt shingles, broken tiles, and waterlogged wood shakes. High-Tech coatings such as Kynar™500/Hylar 5000 Fluoropolymer, Ceram-a-Star 950, or polyester have unsurpassed thermal, chemical and ultra violet resistance.

Weather tight. Metal Roofing panels are joined together by weather-tight seam. They shed water, snow, ice and debris and are hail and gale force wind resistant.

Strong and Lightweight: Metal Roofing’s structural attributes add to the strength and integrity of your roof system. Yet, it weighs a relatively modest 1-1/2 pounds per square foot.

Energy Efficient. Metal Roofs can be insulated with almost any amount of insulation.

Pleasing in Appearance: Offering a broad spectrum of colors and textures, the Metal Roof is one of the most attractive roofs for almost any home. Different coatings, profiles and finishes allow you to color-coordinate and harmonize the roof with brick, concrete, vinyl or wood siding and other design elements of your home.

Fire Resistant: No, our intensely hot Northwest Sun will not ignite Metal Roofing.

Ecologically sound: Metal Roofing eliminates frequent and costly re-roofing and is Recyclable. Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of using recyclable metal roofing instead of non-metallic materials.

Metal Roofing Installation so the Nails Don’t Show: Provides a full-line of the finest in concealed-fastener Metal Roofing panels. Precisely formed, factory-made metal panels are locked in place by a system that is uniquely designed to cover nails and screws. This hidden interlocking mechanism lets the panel to expand and contract with temperature changes and allows for fewer roof penetrations, reducing the chances of leaks.

Make Weather an Ally: Metal Roofs can be installed year-around. Heavy rain, extremely cold weather or high winds are about the only conditions that slow installation.

Metal Roofing is a superior roofing material, making it the best choice for your roofing needs. Sharp Roofing stands ready in Seattle for a metal roof installation or replacement to fill that need with quality service and a lasting commitment to your satisfaction.
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