Meet the Team

Sharp Roofing's team has been together long term, providing professional service. 

Chris Cirillo

Chris is the founder of Sharp Roofing and a native of Washington State. He graduated High School Locally and also Graduated from the University of Washington. When he started Sharp Roofing, he wanted to project a sense of value and expertise and quality that was hard to find in this industry.
He set the bar very high for himself to make sure that each endeavor was a masterpiece rather than just a job. Understanding that the roof is the first line of defense against the elements, he makes sure that your investment of your home, business and its content are secure. He delivers peace of mind along with value, which is why our customers are so content with his work.
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Cliff Hurn

General Manager
Cliff grew up in the Seattle area into a family involved in logging and manufacturing Western Red Cedar Shakes and shingles. In 1986 he started running a roofing company in the Seattle area and has been doing so ever since. Cliff is and has been General Manager of Sharp Roofing since 2005. During that time, annual sales have grown by 300%. Through his leadership, Sharp Roofing has adapted extremely well to the rapidly changing requirements and products that the construction industry continues to set forth.

New roofing products are continually entering the market. Cliff prides himself on only installing products that are suitable for our climate and weather rather than what is popular. He wants the homeowner to have peace of mind with their roofing selection.
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Cipriano Chavez

Operations Manager
Cipriano was born in Mexico City and moved to Seattle WA when he was 19 years old, took 2 years of ESL to be able to be an effective communicator. Ever since he arrived, he started working in the roofing industry, first as installer for about 7 years, second as a Project Manager or Operations Manager. His expertise initially was composition and shake roofing installations, but after completing more training He became an expert in the following roofing areas, PVC, Metal, Composition, and Shake roofing installations. He has been working for Sharp Roofing since 2005 and continues to keep our clients happy with the results of each roof install.
When he is not working, he likes to spend time with his family camping, hiking, biking.
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Russ Nyblod

Russ was born in Marysville Washington where he went on to graduate from the University of Washington and meet his wife of 17 years. His first job was working on commercial fishing boats off the coast of Alaska to now working in the roofing industry for over a decade. He enjoys the challenges that present themselves in every construction project and particularly prides himself in low slope design and application. His goal is to take care of his customers as if they were family and earn the opportunity of their future business along with potential referrals to their family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances.
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Dan Gibson

Dan joined Sharp Roofing in April of 2016. At twenty-four years old he brings a fresh perspective to the changing demands of homeowners and contractors in the Puget Sound area. In addition to his role at Sharp Roofing he is completing a Strategic Communications degree at Washington State University’s global campus. In addition to work and school he enjoys spending time with his dog, boxing, gardening, hiking and taking road trips. Since joining Sharp Roofing, the company has experienced growth in business with local Millennial homeowners, and local or out of state clientele requiring remote a consultation.
The best part of my job is the opportunity to meet and connect with so many unique people. I enjoy conversing with potential customers and learning their story. Employing that connection and using their individual story to shape the interaction between them and the company brings has led to many great experiences in this field.
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Jennifer Lopez

Office Manager
Jennifer Lopez is a native of California who relocated to Washington in 1993. She raised 4 sons who are all adults now. Jennifer and her Doberman Pinscher "Awsta" enjoy spending their free time out riding on her Harley Davidson which Awsta is towed in a trailer or out camping and hiking.
Jennifer has worked for Sharp roofing since 2017. Currently she is the Office Manager / Logistics. Jennifer enjoys working with clients from the beginning with scheduling to the completion of the roofing project. She strives to keep the communication open with the clients from start to finish, so the clients have a great experience working with Sharp Roofing.
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Brianda Cruz

Customer Service/Scheduling
Hi, my name is Brianda Cruz but most of my close friends and family call me Gaby. I was born in one of the smallest but most populated cities in the world, Mexico City. At age 15 I moved to the state of Washington with the main focus to graduate from High School and College. Thanks to my family’s mental and financial support, I was able to obtain my High School and College diplomas.
I consider myself an adventurous person because I like to travel to learn about places and cultures. I enjoy visits to museums like no other, and of course try different types of food (yummy).
As of today, I am an office assistant of one of the greatest Roofing companies in the Seattle Area. One of the things I like more about my job is being able to engage in a conversation with clients. My main purpose is to get to know the clients and make them feel understood.
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