What Do Home Inspectors Look For When Inspecting a Crawl Space

Some people might wonder what home inspectors actually look for when inspecting a crawl space. One of the first things they look for is if there are termites. When you have high moisture you will notice some issues with the insulation. The moisture tries to evaporate, but then it will harm the insulation.

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The Top 5 Signs That Your Seattle Roof Needs Repair

Maybe you’re considering selling your Seattle home, or perhaps you’ve recently moved into a place that could use some renovating. Even so, your roof may still fail to crack your list of home improvement priorities, either because it rests above your head—out of sight—making it easier to neglect, or because you’ve never had a roof […]

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Real Estate Seller Tip: Home Updates for the Best ROI

If you are thinking about selling a home there are some updates you will want to know about. Everyone knows that it is the kitchen and bathroom that sells the home. But, if you spend time renovating them, you can spend too much money. If you make the small changes, then you will see a […]

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Are you ready to right-size your home and your life?

Reasons to down-size or right-size your home. Your kids have moved out, leaving your home feeling huge, empty, and unmanageable. You’ve decided to work less thereby reducing your income. Right-sizing makes sense economically, from HOA fees, utility bills, and mortgage payments. Your garage is cluttered with items you no longer use. With right-sizing comes minimizing […]

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How To: Replace a cedar shake shingle

When one is going to install a replacement cedar shake roof on a home it is very important to know what you are doing. In this video, it shows in detail how to remove the old cedar shakes and install the new ones. You also have to take into account safety when going up onto […]

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Sawmill Making Cedar Shakes and Shingles

Ever wonder how they make cedar shingles? Can you believe how fast these guys move around those saws?

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Wind Damaged Shingles

Wind damaged shingles happen to all homes and they need to be fixed. There is a smart way to go about doing this. If you have any trouble doing this on your own, then a video demonstration should be looked at. You will learn the proper way to diagnose it and replace it. Missing shingles […]

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Total Ceiling Replacement – How To Make A Crappy Ceiling More Appealing

Even if you need to pay someone to do the drywall finishing, replacing an ugly or damaged ceiling can be fairy cheap if you do a lot of the work yourself. You don't have to do a lot of demo and you will lose 2-3 inches of ceiling height. You may also need a helper […]

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Where Do I Start When Renovating My House?

Renovating a house is not an easy undertaking. To some, renovating a house can appear to be something similar to gazing into a formless abyss. When mulling over thoughts of renovation, it helps to develop a frame work woven together with a follow through plan. It also helps to know where to start. Finding a […]

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Spring is Here: Get Your Home Ready!

Spring is coming around again. Know what that means? Warmer weather, beautiful flowers, and the dreaded spring cleaning. Something no body likes to do but is a major necessity to air out a home after a harsh winter. What all is involved in spring cleaning? Is it all just cleaning? Why is it such a […]

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