Remove snow off the roof with a string

You can actually remove snow from the roof with a string. It is not a hard process, but you should know what you are doing before you attempt it. The end result is pretty much flawless and it will save you a lot of time. The snow will just slide off the top of your […]

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How to Make Your House Look 10 Years Younger

If you are looking to give your house a facelift that will have it looking ten years younger, you will find all you need here. Bring back the younger years of your home’s interior by simply giving it that old fashioned tender loving care with five steps. These five practical ways of going from drab […]

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Setting Trusses without Killing Yourself

There is nothing like doing something you enjoy. Being excited about setting trusses is indeed exceptional, but equally exceptionally is practicing safety when doing this task. These tips will have you moving right along as you begin setting trusses. Trusses are heavy and it takes a lot of energy to handle them. For safety, consider […]

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5 Helpful Roof Replacement Tips

Roof replacement can be labor intensive and expensive. But continued neglect of your roof can cost more in the long run. This gives you five tips on how to get it done properly. Your roof protects your home so you don't want to take it's replacement lightly. Without a good roof on your home it […]

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Roof Structure Summary

Timber roofing is a relatively complicated process. Through computer modeling, you can get a good look at what you can do and how you will do it. The basic definitions and principles you need to understand to determine which method to use for your roof are outlined here.

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All You Need to Know About Roof Inspections

If you want to buy or sell a house there will be a roof inspection. At least there should be. A bad roof can have many affects on the house, not the least of which is damage. Precipitation leaks into the home and this can ruin ceilings, walls, floors and your belongings. Insurance companies will […]

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Tips for a Healthy Home This Fall

Fall is about to take center stage, bringing with it some cold and wet weather. Like your fellow Seattle residents, you must be composing your list of fall maintenance tasks as well. This is a smart move, as keeping your home in good shape helps retain its comfort and efficiency. It’s all too easy for […]

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Seattle Roofing Series: Top 11 Facts about Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles remain one of the most popular roofing materials available today in Seattle, comprising as much as 80% of all residential roofs. Since its debut in the late 19th century, advancements and improvements in manufacturing methods have made this roofing material one of the most cost-effective options for your home.

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3 Reasons Local Roofers Are a Better Choice

Despite the longevity of most roofing systems these days, there will come a time that they will require repairs or even a replacement due to a number of reasons. Also, the roof must be maintained regularly for it to function properly. It is, therefore, important to hire local contractors to help you solve such roofing […]

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What to Look For in a Replacement Roof in Seattle?

When your roof is near the end of its service life, a replacement roof is your best bet. Nevertheless, a large Seattle home improvement project is a significant undertaking. Cost, material, and labor—a replacement roof involves all these, and a single error can be costly.

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