Re-Roofing the Safe Way: Following OSHA’s Roof Safety Rules

A recent interview by Remodeling magazine revealed that fall protection is now the top priority of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). “Until Sept. 30, 2015, if you are any type of contractor working on heights of 6 feet or higher, you are the No. 1 priority for OSHA,” Mark Paskell, a coach who […]

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Gutter Styles and Maintenance Tips from Sharp Roofing

As your roof protects your house from the rain, gutters provide drainage of the water so that it will not damage your exteriors. This makes them an important part of your roofing system. A roofing contractor in Seattle WA can help you in choosing the right type of gutter for your home, given that different […]

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4 Reasons to Choose Metal Roofing for Your Seattle Home

When choosing a good roof replacement, what comes first in your mind? Would you like something that’s easy to install, rather durable and efficient? Or are you leaning more on visual impact? As your trusted Seattle roofer, we at Sharp Roofing have been serving home and business owners with our first-rate services in Everett, Shoreline, […]

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Sharp Roofing Experts: Helping Seattle Home Owners Every Step of the Way

This year, many Seattle homeowners are planning a couple of home improvement projects, particularly for their roofing in Seattle. Indeed, it’s the perfect time to upgrade some components of your roof or make that long-overdue repair happen. Since your roof is an important long-term investment, you need to make sure you hire the right contractor […]

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How to Choose the Best Roof Color in Seattle: What Are the "Green" Facts?

So how do you choose colors for your roofing project? Do you go White, Black, and how concerned are you with being "Green?" Are you more concerned about how long it lasts, the price, or the environment? So- let's learn about what color works for roofing in the Northwest...from a roofer: Sharp Roofing will discuss […]

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A Seattle Roofing Company with Integrity

The home is often an individual’s largest investment, so don’t trust your roof to a roofing contractor just because the bid is low. To make sure your home or business is covered with a roof that’s built to last by roofers who truly care, there are four questions you should ask when shopping for a roofing company […]

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Seattle area roofs: repair, re-roofing or roof replacement?

What do roofing experts say about repairing an asphalt shingle roof? Seattle area storms take their toll on  asphalt shingle roofs. Perhaps your roof was recently damaged and now you are asking the question: what is the best way to repair a shingle roof? We asked a handful of roofing experts the same question. For […]

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A Cheap Fix For Roof Leaks In The Seattle Area

Not all roof leaks caused by holes in the roof or faulty roofing system installation. Some roof leaks are a result of drainage problems. Many homes and commercial buildings are constructed with flat or low-sloped roofs in the Pacific Northwest. We are not sure whose idea it was to put so many flat roofs in the […]

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Repairing a Shake Roof in Seattle

DISREGARD everything on the web written about repairing shake roofs. You might not believe me, BUT… Replacing or pulling damaged or rotten shakes is really bad for the roof system- here’s why: 1- Take a look at the shake system: This system is one of the best systems for roofing in the Pacific Northwest. For […]

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Roofing Shingles: What Seattle Home Owners Need to Know About Manufacturers' Warranties

What You Need to Know About Warranties Many home owners in Seattle need to know about manufacturer warranties for roofing shingles. There is little difference from one shingle brand to another.  All shingle manufacturers get most of their components from the same pool of suppliers and the factories have become automated and computer controlled. “Lifetime” Warranties Of […]

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