CNNMoney give Roofing advice

The Help Desk Redo your roof the right way By Josh Garskof @Money May 11, 2012: 6:28 AM ET No other home project is as crucial for protecting value than putting on a new roof. (MONEY Magazine) — It’s hard to imagine a less enjoyable way to blow $5,000 to $15,000 (or more) than putting on a […]

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Seattle Roof and Reroof - Recovers, are they GREEN?

Roofing and Reroofing Go Over or Tear Off? Reroofing in the Great Northwest; for all us roofing contractors it is guaranteed future business.  One of the questions that come up: should we roof over the existing roof?  What should be considered? History Many homes in the towns and cities of the Puget Sound Region were […]

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Roofing in the Seattle Rain

I can hear old Blue Eyes now: I’m roofin’ in the rain Just roofin’ in the rain, What a glorious feeling, And I'm happy again. I'm laughing at clouds So dark, up above, The sun's in my heart You don’t think those are the right words…? Replacing your roof when it might rain is actually […]

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Seattle Roofing: Why do we need plywood over our old solid sheathing?

As roofing contractors in Seattle we are often asked, why do we need plywood over our old solid sheathing? The keyword here is “solid.” It used to be standard to use shiplap, 1″ boards, tongue & groove, or other boards for the roof deck. These 8 to 12-inch wide boards were nailed together tight. When […]

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Roof Inspections and Certificates

What is a Roof Certification? Roof certifications are usually separate from home inspections. Home inspectors, for the most part, do not perform thorough roof inspections. Most are not real familiar with roofing rules and regulations. Instead, roofing inspectors climb up on the roof and issue reports on: Condition of roofing materials Inspection of installation methods […]

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