4 Reasons to Choose Metal Roof

When choosing a good roof replacement, what comes first in your mind? Would you like something that’s easy to install, rather durable and efficient? Or are you leaning more on visual impact? As your trusted Seattle roofer, we at Sharp Roofing have been serving home and business owners with our first-rate services in Everett, Shoreline, up to the Greater Seattle area since 1999, so we know what we are talking about when we say that metal roofing is a great choice for your home.

Here’s why:

According to MetalRoofing.com, metal roofs can last a lifetime and increase the resale value of your home. It’s true that initial cost for a premium metal roof is a little pricier than most materials, but what it offers is continuous savings over time. This is in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Its low life cycle cost would greatly benefit those who don’t have time to schedule regular cleaning and maintenance. However, keep in mind that in spite of its easy maintenance feature, it still requires proper upkeep—just like most of the components in your home.

Metal roofs are essentially noncombustible. They mostly reflect the sun’s heat, which helps reduce heat gain in your home. In addition, MetalRoofing.com says that the average life span of metal roofs is two to three times longer than other materials. Longevity is one of the many reasons property owners pick metal roofs. On top of that, it also does a great job in surviving strong winds and storms, as well as sealing out water. It’s resistance to mildew, insects, and rotting makes it a popular choice for homes who want roofing that’s simple to maintain.

If you are planning to install metal roofing in Seattle, know that it won’t just look good externally, but inside it’s highly sustainable and eco-friendly. Some companies use recycled materials and elements during their manufacturing process. Moreover, if you are doing a major remodel and plan on adding a fresh tone and finish in your home, there’s a metal roofing style to match it. Metal roofs provide a neat and sophisticated appearance that can match your unique architectural design.

As metal roofs help deflect the radiant heat from the sun at midday, it can greatly help you save on your air-conditioning consumption. In the long run, you’ll notice a huge decrease in your energy bill. Metal materials may be low in insulation R-value, but there is a way to make it more energy efficient—and that is through checking with your professional roofer about cool coatings.

With their exceptional architectural appeal, metal roofs are a growing preference for Northwest homes. Here at Sharp Roofing, our metal roofs are treated with cutting-edge BASF ULTRA-Cool® coatings, specially formulated to increase energy efficiency through temperature control.

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