Best Roof Color Green Facts

So how do you choose colors for your roofing project?

Do you go White, Black, and how concerned are you with being “Green?” Are you more concerned about how long it lasts, the price, or the environment?

So- let’s learn about what color works for roofing in the Northwest…from a roofer:

Sharp Roofing will discuss roofing product greenness; we can even make educated suggestions.  But this Seattle roofing company will not make blanket recommendations on supposed “green” products or “Cool Roofs.”

For many years there have been discussions, arguments, claims, half-truths, outright lies, etc. about what is really GREEN and friendly to the environment. There are organizations that monitor greenness.

One of these, TerraChoice, found that “More than 95% of products claiming to be green were found to commit AT LEAST ONE of the “Sins of Greenwashing” Cliff, from Sharp Roofing first became involved with green in roofing when the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties (MBA)  “in partnership with King County and Snohomish counties, established Built Green® to provide consumers with an easy-to-understand rating system that quantifies environmentally friendly building practices.”

At that time the MBA came up with lots of “great” ideas.

As I recall for roofing their recommendations were:

  1. Cement fiber shakes. The fiber (I should say fibre as they were made in Canada) was recycled cardboard and paper bags. What a great idea! Cement, heavy and porous combined with cellulose. These were already starting to fail at the time the MBA recommended them.  The final outcome was a class action suit and the manufacturer filed bankruptcy.
  2. 40-year warranty asphalt composition
  3. 30-year warranty asphalt composition
  4. 25-year warranty asphalt composition.

This made Cliff wonder…in the beautiful but damp Pacific Northwest, asphalt composition lasts an average of 20 years; the average nationally was much lower.

The longer the warranty period the more oil and other products used. They all last the same amount of time; so how is a product that uses more of our precious resources “greener” than one that does not.

Is Black Roofing Best?

Another “fact” promoted for quite some time is that white or light colored roofs are greener than dark ones. Now scientists are questioning this long established “fact.” It seems that in the northern half of the United States BLACK IS BEST! The logic is simple:

  • If you use air conditioning more than ½ the year, then the lighter the better with bright white being the best.

  • If you turn on your heat during most of the year, then the darker the better with flat black being the best.

Now, even though our roof consultants know a fair amount about roofing; Sharp Roofing did not come up with this information on our own.

 Get in touch with Cliff or any of us at Sharp Roofing so you make the best roofing choice. Because there are plenty of roofing companies who might not guide you the best way.

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