Replace Roof - What to Look For

When your roof is near the end of its service life, a replacement roof is your best bet. Nevertheless, a large Seattle home improvement project is a significant undertaking. Cost, material, and labor—a replacement roof involves all these, and a single error can be costly.

You and your interior’s safety is the priority. The roof is your home’s barrier against the elements, so choosing one that can withstand extreme weather conditions is important. A durable replacement that doesn’t buckle in a rainstorm or a blizzard is what you will need. Aside from weather performance, it should also resist fire and earthquake.

Energy Efficiency
If your replacement roof can repel the elements, it should also save you on energy bills. An energy-efficient roof provides better natural ventilation to your home. This means comfortable indoor temperature year round. A replacement should keep you warm and toasty in the winter, while letting you enjoy deliciously cool rooms in the summer. These great insulating qualities mean reduced energy consumption. It means lower electric bills.

Aesthetic Appeal
Nothing says great replacement roof than admiring glances from your neighbors. An increase in resale value is good, as well. Shopping for a replacement gives you access to more options for style, color, and material. Choose the one that will match your home’s architectural design.

Manufacturer Warranty
Protect yourself and your investment. A good replacement offers strong manufacturer warranty. This will help ease your mind on repairs and other issues in the future.

Quality Installation
You can’t have a roof replacement in Seattle without a reliable contractor to install it. Be sure to contact Sharp Roofing for all your roofing needs. Whether residential or light commercial roofing, we deliver superior service, as we use only the highest quality materials.
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