What Seattle Home Owners Need to Know about Warranties

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What You Need to Know About Warranties

Many homeowners in Seattle need to know about manufacturer warranties for roofing shingles. There is little difference from one shingle brand to another.  All shingle manufacturers get most of their components from the same pool of suppliers and the factories have become automated and computer controlled.

“Lifetime” Warranties

Of course each manufacturer will argue that their product is better but I wonder about that.  The prices are very close for similar products and the warranties are all the same.

The most common manufacturer’s warranty is “lifetime.”  But what exactly do they mean?

The warranty usually specifies that if during the warranty period the shingles fail, the limited warranty covers only the shingles and then only if the failure is caused by a manufacturing defect. The warranty usually says a portion of the price of the shingles will be refunded; nothing else.

So, what if the water ruins your ceiling? That’s not covered.

  • What if the water ruins your hardwood floors? That’s not covered.
  • What if mold grows in your home as a result of the water? That’s not covered!

Who comes up with the warranties? 

  • Scientists and engineers that design and build the products? No
  • Managers at the factories where they make the products? No
  • No, it is none of those! It is the marketing and sales people!

You need to read the warranty carefully to determine how it defines “lifetime.”

They want something to give the buyer a sense of security and they want the longest possible term for the warranty—“lifetime.” Mind you, “lifetime” is not defined in the warranty the same way you or I might understand the word. It’s not your lifetime or even the lifetime of the roof.

Who else has input in the process of creating a warranty?

  •  Lawyers and actuaries of course!

They allow “lifetime” warranties under certain, limited conditions—ones that are unlikely to cost their company “real” money.  How often does a manufacturer think they will have to pay? The answer is seldom if ever because it is rare that a claim can be made under the terms of the warranty.

What if You Need To Make a Claim?

Even if you are successful in making a claim under this type of warranty, you will still have the burden of hiring a roofer, getting a permit, disposing of the defective shingles, purchasing any other miscellaneous materials needed for the repair or replacement, AND fixing any “consequential” damages.

The Bottom Line – Get ROOFING DONE RIGHT

The bottom line is: don’t rely on a manufacturer’s warranty. You are far better off hiring a qualified company such as Sharp Roofing. Proper installation is your best guaranty that your roof will perform as expected.

What Else You Should Know

Sharp Roofing’s experienced installers bring exceptional product knowledge and professionalism to every job. If there is an obvious problem with the shingles our people will know it before they go on your roof. Your satisfaction is our priority. Our goal is outstanding service and a perfect job the first time. That’s why our motto is ROOFING DONE RIGHT™.

Things to Remember about a Lifetime Warranty for Your Shingle Roof

–      The term “Lifetime” in a roofing warranty is limited and applies under specific conditions.
–      If you make a claim against your roofing contractor it will cost you money.
–      Shingle manufacturer warranties don’t cover a bad roofing company
–      Make sure you hire a good roofing contractor who knows what they’re doing.

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