Flat Roof WeatherBond PVC Membrane

Since August of 2015, Sharp Roofing has been qualified as a flat roof WeatherBond Recognized Rubber Roofing Contractor. With this certification, we are able to offer our customers the most comprehensive warranty that is currently available in the roofing business. This rubber roofing membrane is the ideal solution for all flat roofs. 

Long-Lasting Flat Roof EPDM

  • WeatherBond PVC Membrane - EPDM
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Hassle-Free
  • Great Long Lasting Protection
  • Installed by Trained and Certified Installers
  • WeatherBond Extended Warranty
  • Up to 20 Years
  • Premium Material Layers

Competitive Prices

In addition to being able to offer the best warranty in the industry, as a WeatherBond Recognized Flat Roofing Contractor we can make the most innovative products available to our customers at competitive prices. EPDM Products produced by WeatherBond are particularly easy to transport and install, and are equipped with adhesives and accessories that streamline the installation process and save labor. Due to the innovative and labor saving characteristics of these products, at Sharp Roofing we are able to provide more efficient installation and therefore lower, more competitive, prices to our customers. Our status as WeatherBond Recognized Contractors gives us access to essential installation tools, material estimators, and educational guides and videos that allow us to do the highest quality work possible. Our customers benefit greatly from the confidence they feel in hiring a WeatherBond Recognized Contractor to fulfill their flat roofing needs.

Membrane Distinct Layers

Our customers also benefit from the superior roofing system that we use from WeatherBond. The WeatherBond PRO PVC membrane is made up of three distinct layers to ensure maximum durability over time. It consists of a PVC polymer bottom ply, followed by a second layer of a firm polyester-reinforced cloth, and a strong PVC compounded top ply. This tri-layer combination of premium materials is designed specifically to be able to withstand the most unforgiving climates. The manufacturing process of WeatherBond PRO PVC membrane roofs also plays an important role in ensuring the product’s durability. Due to the strict quality control regulations throughout the production process, this roofing system is remarkably reliable and very rarely has defects. By working with a product that is so consistent, and therefore unlikely to cause future problems, we are doing our best to make roofing projects and maintenance as easy and affordable as possible for our customers.

Characteristics of WeatherBond

Important characteristics of flat roof WeatherBond products are that they are simple to install and have labor and energy saving aspects, and the PRO PVC membrane certainly boasts these features. The WeatherBond PRO PVC membrane is extremely reflective, making it ideal for sustaining a cool building temperature without accumulating high energy costs. It is also specially designed to be fire, puncture, and chemical resistant. The membrane roof can be mechanically attached or fully adhered to a building, using a variety of compatible accessories. There is a comprehensive line of prefabricated accessories available in order to make PRO PVC membrane systems incredibly durable, energy efficient, and easy-to-install. The collection of accessories includes products such as pipe seals, walkway rolls, inside corners, and outside corners. The entire assortment of accessories has been factory tested, and has shown to help reduce buildings’ energy costs as well as reduce the labor needed to install membrane roofs. As WeatherBond Recognized Roofing Contractors, at Sharp Roofing we have premier access to this line of cooling, energy saving, labor saving, and therefore money saving accessories. In offering these great products to our customers, we are providing them with the best options to ensure long-time performance of their PRO PVC membrane roof.

When designing WeatherBond membrane roof systems, the preferences of a homeowner and the process of residential installation are taken into account as very significant factors. For example, WeatherBond packages certain products in a way that reduces waste for smaller sized projects. In other words, a PRO PVC membrane roof from WeatherBond is an option for our residential customers that we have great confidence in. The results of decades of field tests show that the membrane system can withstand long-term UV and ozone exposure, making it an exceptionally durable roof choice. It is also a very economical choice for our homeowner customers because it is simple to install and therefore contributes to lower labor costs. Furthermore, the WeatherBond membrane is very easy to maintain, making it ideal for residences.

WeatherBond products, from flat roofs to accessories, can be applied to both commercial buildings and homes. Therefore, when installing WeatherBond roofs on a home, the homeowner can be confident in receiving a commercial grade roof that is designed to withstand even the harshest of climates and weather events. The WeatherBond PRO PVC membrane has outstanding lay-flat qualities as well as durability against the elements. It has been the leading roof choice for many years in schools because of its strength and energy saving properties. Due to its proven cooling properties and reliability, it is a membrane roof that Sharp Roofing is proud to provide as an option to its homeowner customers.
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